To Bath or Not to Bath

A common question our designers are asked by clients is whether to include a bath in the bathroom and/or ensuite to be renovated.

The answer depends on three things: usage, time and space.


If you have young children or are planning on starting a family, a bath is probably going to be a useful element in a bathroom. Alternatively, or perhaps in addition, if you are the sort of person who likes to unwind by having a good, long soak at the end of a hard day at work, or to soothe sore muscles after exercising, a bath will be an excellent choice.

You might simply want a free-standing bath purely for its aesthetics, even if you can’t see yourself using it much, if at all. That’s perfectly fine: if it makes you love your new bathroom even more, go for it!

Kado Era freestanding bath (Photo courtesy of Reece Bathroom Life)


For those clients who can’t see themselves ever using a bath but worry that they should include one in the design for re-sale, we advise them to think about how long they intend to be in their house. If the answer is 15 years, it’s quite possible that the new owners will want to change up the bathrooms anyway as the fittings and colours and styles will be out-dated by then. So it’s best to design your bathroom to suit your needs, and not worry about what a future owner might or might not want.


As to whether a bath is best located in an ensuite or a family bathroom or both, that depends on the spaces available. If the bath is mostly for the use of very young children but the ensuite offers the most space to include it, then that is okay – there is no point compromising every other element in the family bathroom if a bath just won’t fit there comfortably. The same is true in reverse.

Another point worth making here is that there is a common misconception that a free-standing bath will take up less floor space than an inset one and that by opting for a free standing bath that they will have more space for other things in the room. However, as you need to be able to get behind a free-standing bath in order to clean the room, there isn’t necessarily a space advantage to be had. This will also depend on how much shelf area you wish to have around an inset bath.

Kado Lux inset bath (Photo courtesy of Reece Bathroom Life)

Having said that, there are now some free-standing baths on the market that have a flat back to allow them to be positioned flush against a wall, so that will save a bit of space. It will depend on the look you want.

If you don’t need or want a bath at all, the space can be put towards a large walk -in or double shower, a double vanity and/or more storage space, thus breathing new life into your bathrooms.

A chat with one of our highly experienced designers can help you greatly in making these decisions and making the most out of your spaces.







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