Bathroom Tile Ideas

Tired of the dull and lifeless look of your bathroom? If you are planning to renovate your bathroom and giving it a new look, here are some bathroom tile ideas which can give your bathroom look which will make it look livelier and better.

There are different kinds of creative tiles which you can choose from. This article will introduce them to you so you can see which type will be right for you.


Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile.  Porcelain is made of fine grained clay and is fired at a higher temperature as compared to ceramic.

Porcelain tiles are hard and dense. These characteristics make it hard for porcelain tiles to be cut. Porcelain tiles are good for outdoor and indoor use.


There are several kinds of natural stone tiles. They are granite, marble, onyx, travertine, slate, and sandstone.

Granite cannot be easily damaged by water. This makes it a good material for bathrooms and kitchen counters. When we talk of marble, first thing that comes into our minds are luxurious homes with marbled tiles. Marble has been used in homes over the centuries. Marble tiles must be sealed because it are porous.

Onyx is pearl-like. It is creamy and comes in striking colors. It may be fragile, but onyx is not only good for flooring, but for design as well. Travertine tiles are soft because it is a type of limestone.  It needs to be coated with sealant several times.

Slate tiles are not only used for flooring. Because of its versatility, it is also used as roofing shingles. Although sandstone tiles are grainy and rough, they are very durable and are good for flooring.


Glass tiles are best for accent and decoration. They are also often used for borders and backsplash. Its sparkling material and striking colors will challenge the artist in you. There are also glass tiles which are made of recycled glass


The Saltillo style tile is crafted from a very durable clay. This type of clay exists only in Saltillo, Mexico. This is where it derived its name. The secret of its beauty is in its rustic, imperfect look. Another thing that makes Saltillo tiles unique is it usually comes with “ordinary but unusual” designs. Ordinary because you can see these designs anywhere. Unusual because it is not common that you find these designs printed on tiles.


The whirling patterns and shade variations of marble tiles make its look unique. Marble tiles are a type of natural stone style tiles.  Like any other tile types, marble tiles require high maintenance. Sealing and cleaning it regularly is advised, to maintain its luster and quality. One needs to be very meticulous and careful when dealing with marble tiles.


As one of the natural stone style tile type, granite tiles are often used on kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are durable and cannot easily be damaged by water contact. This characteristic makes it a very good material for kitchen and bathroom countertops where water is unavoidable

These tile types can help you with your bathroom renovation. Hopefully, it will give you bathroom tile ideas which will give your bathroom a new look.

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