The Beauty of Monochrome Kitchens

Monochrome is truly what you make it. It doesn’t have to be boring and styling for it doesn’t have to be intimidating when you know what you’re looking for. At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, we love the clean, modern appearance that a monochrome kitchen – of any colour, not just black or white – lends to a space. If you’re designing a kitchen for a new home or renovating an existing one, we think it’s a style you should consider. To help you make the smart decisions that will lead to a beautiful, functional monochrome kitchen, we’ve put together this short article with a few crucial tips for your decoration. Read on and start creating!

Big decisions first

As with any kitchen, it’s just smart to decide on big features like your countertop and your cabinetry first. When going for a monochrome style, it’s essential. These large slabs of colour will guide the overall tone of your space, so getting them right here can go a long way, helping you to cover up slight variations in hue in smaller items.

Finding out what your budget can support in terms of countertop material can also go a long way toward guiding you to a specific colour palette. If you can afford a beautiful, soft white marble countertop, snap it up and use that as the foundation for the rest of the kitchen, playing with creams, whites, paler greys and more.

Details, details

If your countertop and your cabinetry are doing most of the pushing for your décor, fixtures, door handles and appliances are the gentle nudges that can add real depth to a space.

No room is going to be completely one shade – it’d look like a hospital or a movie set. Choosing appliances and fixtures that are predominantly in the colour family you’ve chosen with a few little accents here and there – think the white toaster with a touch of red on the dials – can do so much to the space, and save you headaches on finding everything in a modern kitchen in a single-shade.

Another tactic is to bring a small amount of your chosen colour into areas where it wouldn’t traditionally go – think an all black tap set in a stainless steel sink. This extends the theme across the room, making it look more of a whole.

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