Hydro taps – a very handy appliance!

As the owner of a relatively new kitchen myself (about 2 years now) I thought I’d share a piece of advice – consider a hydrotap, which provides various combinations of hot, cold, filtered, sparkling, chilled and boiling water – all from the one appliance!

Matt Black On Font Bench BC
Matt black Zip hydro tap. See its chrome equivalent on display at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, East Hawthorn
Bright Chrome On Font B#232
Chrome Zip hydro tap. See one on display at the showroom of Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, Melbourne

I regard the invention of these gadgets as up there with microwave ovens and sliced bread. Let me give you five (5) good reasons to install a hydro tap:

1. If you are health conscious and like to carry a bottle of water around with you but don’t enjoy having to pay for what nature gives up for free (and you feel guilty about the plastic wastage), a hydro tap allows you to re-fill your plastic bottle with filtered and/or chilled water as you walk out the door. Brilliant.

2. Hydro taps look streamlined and stylish, come in a variety of shapes and finishes to suit your needs and taste, and the compact tank fits snugly into a cupboard. Form meets function!

3. No more interminable waiting for the kettle to boil while you and your friends are thirsting for that cuppa.

4. Your rice will be more fluffy if cooked in filtered water. And you can get on with cooking your rice/pasta/potatoes without having to wait for the water to heat up in the saucepan – just fill the pan with boiling water from your hydro tap.

5. Filtered water is nice to drink but it’s good to know that most hydro taps retain the fluoride, so your kids’ teeth will thank you.

Come in to the Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms showroom at 1035 Burke Rd, Hawthorn East to see a hydro tap for yourself! and get some more information on these handy gadgets, and on how we can help you design your dream kitchen to go with it!

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