Creating Your Own ‘Spa’ Bathroom

Below are some tips from Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms to help you plan your own relaxing and rejuvenating ‘spa’ bathroom – by incorporating both greater comfort and greater calm. All the photos are of bathrooms designed and built by Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, Melbourne.

We’re not sure what the statistics are for Australians, but a recent UK survey of over 2000 adults found that they spend between 1 hour 11 minutes and 3 hours 12 minutes in the bathroom every day!! Apparently a lot of that time involves a mobile phone, but it’s also probably a reflection of the fact that we increasingly see our bathrooms as a place of escape from the hectic lives we all lead. As regular visits to a spa aren’t realistic, we are turning to the humble home bathroom to be a tranquil, luxury haven.


For comfort

If you have the space for a bath, choose one that not only looks fabulous but also offers sublime comfort, so that you can take long soaks without getting a sore neck or cold knees.

Simplicity and elegance of a free standing bath and walk in shower, designed by Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, Melbourne
Bathroom with gorgeous and comfortable bath, designed by Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, Melbourne

A bath caddy makes for easy access to your book, champagne or strawberries!

Choose a rain head for your shower that has a high water-saving rating but still emits a soothing, broad spray of water.

Invest in quality, soft, fluffy towels that will envelope you deliciously after your bath or shower.

If you live where the winters are cold, think about investing in under-floor heating to take the chill off the bathroom first thing in the mornings.

Heated towel rails are also a lovely luxury.

Make sure the lighting over your vanity is good, as eye strain from shaving or applying makeup in poor lighting isn’t relaxing.

Stunning imported Italian tiles and a bespoke double vanity create a beautiful ensuite bathroom designed by Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, Hawthorn East. The organic looking tiles are beautifully offset by a freestanding bath.
Ensuite with excellent task lighting, designed by Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms

Have lovely skin products on hand, such as bath bombs, divine-smelling skin moisturisers, bath brush massagers, and organic soaps.


For calm

Reduce clutter by keeping the vanity largely clear, having just a few key items on display.

Include well designed storage to keep toiletries and other knick knacks in easy-to-access drawers and cupboards where they are easily found.

A recessed timber shelf unit and cabinetry contrast beautifully with the tiles in this bathroom by Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms
Bathroom designed with easy storage in mind – Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, East Hawthorn

Use scented (lavender or lemon are said to promote calm) or un-scented candles to add ambience and soft lighting to the room for when you just want to lie in your bath without harsh light beaming down on you.

Although this may not be possible for everyone, a beautiful view can be very calming to the spirit, even if it’s just of the sky through the inclusion of a skylight or high window.Evoking the ocean, which we associate with refreshment – both literally and of the soul – can be achieved through not only appropriate colours but also by including a couple of key décor pieces such as corals, shells or sponges.

This bathroom incorporates a bath with shower, WC, good storage, back and chrome tapware and gloss back vanities and with beautiful warm grey tiles. The old window was cleverly re-positioned to highlight sky views. Designed by Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, Melbourne.
An old window was cleverly re-positioned to highlight sky views and increase usable storage and vanity space – Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms

Install dimmer switches which allow you to change your lighting depending on your needs.

A neutral palette, using just splashes of colour, will be more calming than, for example, over-use of bold hues. When deciding on colours, remember that bright reds and oranges, for example, have been proven to stimulate rather than soothe the mood. Touches of greens and blues might be a better option.

A bathroom with only hard, shiny elements will tend to look cold and clinical, instead of warm and inviting.  Try incorporating natural elements such as timber (on the floor or cabinetry), textured stone (as décor items such as pebbles, or in a recessed shower shelf) and of course plants.


Bathroom warmth and luxury – designed by Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, Melbourne

So if you would like one of the team from Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms to help you achieve your own ‘spa’ experience at home through clever design ideas, contact us and let us turn your dreams of a spa bathroom into a reality. 


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