Finishing Touches for Your New Bathroom

So you’ve designed your new bathroom and the contractors have completed the work. Everything is ready for you to finally take that luxurious bath or shower you’ve been dreaming about. There’s a problem, though, it still looks like a display room to you.

Aside from creating a mess of your cosmetics, which you told yourself you wouldn’t do now you have all that storage space, what are the finishing touches you can add to create some personality to your new bathroom? In this blog, we cover a few options that could really make the space your own.

Candles add flare to any bathroom

Even when they’re not lit, candles can create a nice ambience to your bathroom. With a variety of different options to suit any style, you can really tailor the space to match your tastes and show off your personality.

For traditional bathrooms, we recommend sticking to more classic, elegant-style candles, such as creamy whites in simple clear glass containers. For the ultra-modern, try out candles with metallic finishes, adding to the industrial quality of your bathroom.

Create some atmosphere with plants

Plants are a great addition to your bathroom and can add to the room’s Feng shui. Before you choose your favourite plant, though, we suggest considering your new bathroom’s humidity levels and natural light. Some plants can live comfortably under fluorescent lights as they produce the wavelengths that plants need.

Why not look into an Aloe Vera plant? Not only is it really tough to kill, you’ve probably got some Aloe Vera gel in your bathroom cupboard already. Moving forward, you’ll be able to stop purchasing it from your local supermarket and simply do some pruning.

Combine functionality and style with towels & floor mats

One of the most important things in any bathroom are the linens. Picking a colour scheme that matches your bathroom can really bring the entire room together. We suggest considering things like whether your new bathroom has window or shower curtains before selecting any designs. Solid colours work well in any bathroom, but you can also choose a pattern for your floor mat to add a touch of personality.

No matter what you decide, as long as you’re happy with your bathroom’s new look that’s what counts. If you’re stuck for ideas, though, why not visit Ultimate Kitchen and Bathroom’s Showroom? Located on Bourke Road in Hawthorn, our friendly Melbourne team will be more than happy to brainstorm some ideas with you.


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