Home Renovations

Home Renovations

It’s often the case that if one room in a home needs renovating – the kitchen, for example – there are other rooms that are also in need of attention. These might include bathrooms, an ensuite, a laundry, a walk in robe, or even a guest powder room.

Twin vessel basins set off this gorgeous ensuite designed and built by Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, Melbourne

Gorgeous egg shaped freestanding bath, pendant light and timber cabinetry, designed by Ultimate Kitchens & bathrooms, Hawthorn East
Gorgeous egg shaped freestanding bath, a vessel basin, pendant light and timber cabinetry create a beautiful bathroom.

Many people decide to tackle one room at a time, thinking that it will save them money and spread out the disruption into separate chunks of time.

However, in our experience clients have found that renovating more than one room simultaneously proves to be of great benefit, for the following three reasons:


By using the same renovation company’s designer and builders, such as those at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, clients get a consistency of look between the rooms, so that the whole house has an aesthetic and practical flow.

The photos above are an example of this, showing a main bathroom and an ensuite which were part of a three-room renovation that also included a powder room. The same tiles, vessel basins, cabinetry, vanity tops and lighting were used in all rooms, yet each had its own unique elements as well.

Even with the best of intentions, if different designers have responsibility for various rooms in a house, there can be subtle variations. Also, tiles, light fittings and handles can go out of stock, leaving you frustrated that each room looks different.


It is more cost effective to have several rooms done together, rather than have multiple trades returning to the site on different occasions. This economy of scale can save clients a significant amount.


Instead of living through the disruption of renovating several times, it is more time efficient to tackle, say, a kitchen and two bathrooms simultaneously, as this will take only a little bit longer than renovating just one space.

Again, it’s an economy of scale. Clients who have tackled more than one room together say that they are so glad they got all the renovation done in one hit and can now sit back and enjoy their home without the thought of going through the disruption again and again.


So if you are thinking of updating more than one room in your property, contact the experts at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms today on 9882 4103 to discuss your home renovation needs.




For some, renovating their home entails a large-scale makeover, with not only kitchens and bathrooms getting a new lease of life, but also bedrooms, living areas, the laundry, dining spaces and hallways!

For many, though, a home renovation doesn’t have to be that drastic, as perhaps only some of the rooms in the home need an update. These are often the kitchen and/or bathrooms, as these tend to date after 10 or 20 years, and are areas that most people need expert and qualified help to tackle.

Whatever your situation, at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that home renovations are a major investment and undertaking, and that you want to get it right. You want innovative design ideas that stem from many years’ experience and you want qualified and highly capable tradespeople.

Kitchens and bathrooms are often a key component in home renovations but they are not the only rooms we can design and project manage for you – if you want to update or create a walk in robe, laundry, butler’s kitchen, guest powder room or ensuite then contact us at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms.

Multi room home renovations are often a better way to go than tackling one room at a time. Even though it means a major disruption, there are cost savings from having the trades people on site once rather than several times. There are also time savings because having, say, three rooms renovated at once doesn’t take three times longer than renovating one room. Finally, having the one designer plan everything results in a cohesive look for the home, and avoids the potential problem of finding, for example, that the tiles you chose and absolutely love in your main bathroom are no longer in stock and so can’t be used for your ensuite.

So contact us today at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms to see how we can help take the stress out of your home renovations.

The idea of a house renovation is daunting for many people, but there are various degrees of renovation. For example, it might be that your home is largely OK but needs a few key rooms re-done to bring them up to a modern or more aesthetically pleasing standard. These rooms are commonly the kitchen and bathrooms, but could also include the laundry or even a guest powder room.

When a house renovation includes bathrooms or a kitchen, it’s usually a smart idea to get in the experts such as the designers and project managers at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, who specialise in renovating these spaces. We understand the importance of getting the design right so that these rooms function brilliantly as well as look fantastic. We also know that, as they are a major investment, you want quality of workmanship and a minimal disruption time by having the trades coordinated and overseen.

If your house renovation involves a few rooms, you might be tempted to tackle one now and put off the others until a later date. However, many of our clients have found that they saved on cost by having more than one space renovated at the same time, and saved on time because one room done three times takes longer than three rooms done at the one time.

In addition, by undertaking your house renovation in one hit it you will benefit from having the same designer who will ensure that there is a flow and cohesion of look for your home. It also avoids the distressing situation of choosing gorgeous bathroom floor tiles, for example, then finding that in a year they are no longer available for use in your ensuite.

So contact us today at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms about your house renovation and let us take the stress out of the whole process, from innovative and savvy design ideas to total project management if that is want you need. For us, it’s all about you.

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