Kitchen and bathroom renovations

Although many people are looking to renovate just a kitchen or just a bathroom, a good percentage of our clients want a company who will do both kitchen and bathroom renovations.

At Ultimate, both kitchen and bathroom renovations are our specialty, and with many years’ experience in both design and construction, we are your ‘one stop shop’ to get the beautiful new bathroom or stunning new kitchen that you’ve always wanted. In fact, if you’re after a new ensuite, powder room, laundry or even walk-in robe, come and talk with us as we are also multi room specialists.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are popular ways of adding value to a home, and often it is these rooms that sell a property. Having a fresh kitchen or bathroom also adds to quality of everyday life, by creating spaces that are a pleasure to be in – day in and day out – not only because they look fresh and gorgeous but also because they function superbly.

There are different challenges with kitchen and bathroom renovations, but what they have in common is the need to maximise use of the space (which in some homes can be limited), create lighting solutions for practical as well as aesthetic reasons, design the most practical layout possible, and use colours, finishes, fixtures and fittings that look fabulous.

We can create a design for your kitchen or bathroom renovation that meets your budget, and advise on ways to save in some areas so that you can spend in others where it really counts. We are all about quality and want our clients to be extremely happy, not just satisfied, with the end result.

Our Designers can offer their expert advice, not just on the all-important layout of the kitchen or bathroom, but on choice of materials, to create your dream space. There is a myriad of options and once you start researching you might find, as many people do, that you become more confused rather than less! Cutting through all that confusion is what a good Designer can do for their client, narrowing down choices to those that will suit the look and function that you are trying to achieve in your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

So contact us at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms or visit our display showroom and let us make your kitchen and bathroom renovations dreams come true.