Which Kitchen Bench Material Is Right For You?

It’s the centrepiece of your kitchen and something you will be using every day. Ensuring that your new kitchen bench meets your needs and is an asset at mealtime is one of the key concerns of any good kitchen renovator. But how to start narrowing down your options? Before anything else, we recommend choosing your material. Not only will this help you towards building a décor for your new space, it will also get you closer to locking in one of the more significant expenses involved in a renovation, so you can budget better. We’ve put together this short article rounding up some of the most popular choices in kitchen bench materials. Read on and make an informed choice for your project.

Keeping it natural

There are a wealth of natural materials available for your counter, from stones to silicates, woods and metals. While granite is the most popular of these options due to its durability and natural beauty, it does have some drawbacks, requiring regular sealing every few years and the use of a special stone cleaner. Silicate materials are also rising in popularity, with favourites such as quartz chosen for their clean modern look and non-porous surface, meaning no sealing is required.

Woods and metals are materials with more specialised applications but are still an excellent option for whole benches. While many homeowners consider wood to be a germ-trap, it’s actually an extremely hygienic material – explaining its use in butchery and baking. The requirement for regular oiling does put off some home-owners, but those who do will be rewarded with an extremely lustrous surface that wears beautifully. Stainless steel, copper and zinc benches each offer their own strengths, and deliver a clean look that fits equally well into traditional and modern homes.

Building greatness

Advances in technology have resulted in an extraordinary number of manufactured materials available on the market, made from every material from concrete to acrylics and resin-bound stone and marble. The nature of this means that compositions – and thus things like durability and resistance to staining – will differ not just between materials but from manufacturer to manufacturer. Often the preferred choice for home-owners because of their low per-square-metre cost and the range of colour and pattern options, they offer durability, cost-efficacy and versatility.

Our design and construction team will be able to assist you in choosing the most suitable material for your kitchen. Start a conversation with our staff today to find out how we could realise your vision of a beautiful kitchen.


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