Kitchen Facelift

Are you wanting a fresh new look for your kitchen? Have you grown tired of its outdated appearance? Or perhaps your family have simply outgrown the space, wanting to have several people using it simultaneously for cooking, homework, eating meals, daily paperwork or entertaining friends.Whatever your situation, if you want a fabulous new kitchen that will not only look gorgeous but function like a dream, you want to put your trust in a renovation company that specialises in kitchen makeovers.

Kitchen Facelift On A Budget in Melbourne

There are many builders out there who will say that they can construct a new kitchen for you, but if you want specialist Designers who know kitchens inside out, and project managers who live and breathe kitchen construction, then why not call us at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms?

Planning kitchen makeovers involves several steps. The first is to decide on a look or style that you like. With so many options available it can be quite daunting and overwhelming, but a kitchen Designer can help greatly with this, coming to your home to see how the kitchen can flow nicely with the rest of the house, and advising on colours and finishes (for floors, cabinetry, benchtops and splashbacks), lighting options, storage solutions, and the crucial matter of the layout of the kitchen.

It’s important early on to select the appliances that you want to incorporate, as the detailed plans for your new kitchen are drawn around these

Once your personalised cabinetry is manufactured from these plans, the work can begin – the demolition of your old kitchen, roughing in the electricals and plumbing, possibly some carpentry, plastering, installation of the joinery (cabinetry), the installation of your benchtops, electrical and plumbing fit-offs, and of course the final touch – the splashbacks, which are generally either tiles or glass.

Kitchen makeovers involve a number of different trades, and having an experienced Construction Manager who can coordinate these makes the whole process a lot less stressful for you as the homeowner.

So visit our display showroom or call us at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms for a kitchen makeover that will change your life!

Kitchen Makeovers

Are you sick and tired of your kitchen? Have you been dreaming of ripping it out and installing a brand new one? Are you planning to remodel your house to create an open-plan area where you can all socialise together?

If so, get in touch with Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms in Melbourne; we’re experts in kitchen makeovers. Whether you simply want to update your kitchen area, or you’re planning a big renovation project, our team of specialist designers and tradesmen have all the skills necessary to turn your ideas for your dream kitchen into reality.

Things to consider if you’re planning a kitchen makeover

Putting together a detailed wish list for your new kitchen should be your number one priority. This allows you to see what’s possible and what’s not, given the size and layout of your existing space and your budget. Think about the things that annoy you about your current kitchen.

Do you hate the way you have to close the door before you can open the oven door safely? Is the sink too far away from the preparation area? Do you struggle to plate up more than four plates of food simultaneously due to the lack of workspace? These are just some of the problems that can be remedied with proper design during a kitchen makeover.

Decide on a look or style

Once you’ve decided what you do need in your kitchen, you can move onto the style. Perhaps you love the simplicity of Shaker kitchens. Maybe you prefer the sleek look of minimalistic high gloss units. Perhaps your idea of a perfect kitchen is countrified and rustic with a butler’s sinks and ornate handles.

If you’re finding it hard to narrow down your choice, an experienced kitchen designer can help. Their knowledge extends from choosing the best colours and finishes to creating enough storage and organising a good workflow within the space.

Turning your vision into reality

When you’ve made a decision about the layout and style, detailed 3D plans can be drawn up to help you to envisage how your finished kitchen will look. This gives you chance to make any alterations before you go ahead with the project.

Once finalised, the work begins – your custom cabinets are manufactured, your old kitchen is removed, new wiring and plumbing installed, and then your cabinets, benchtops and the finishing touches, such as splashbacks, lighting and flooring, are fixed in place. An experienced project manager oversees all the work, so that your kitchen is finished to the highest standard, on budget and on time.

Get in touch with us for the Ultimate kitchen makeover

If you’d like to see how we can help you to makeover your kitchen, call Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms or, alternatively, why not visit our kitchen showroom in Melbourne?

Melbourne Kitchen Showrooms

Have you ever wandered around some Melbourne kitchen showrooms and lusted after some of the fine examples of design and workmanship that you see? That’s a feeling most of us can identify with as we’ve all done it at one time or another.

Kitchen Showrooms in Melbourne

Just walking around a kitchen showroom is one of the best ways to get some inspiration when it comes to your own kitchen renovations or remodelling project. In our Ultimate Kitchens kitchen showroom, you can see how different types of worktops complement various types of kitchen cabinets.

For example, you can see how a black granite worktop works with a white glossy set of kitchen cabinets. You can also see for yourself the different types of materials used in the remodelling of a kitchen – wood, stone, tile and high-gloss finishes. In addition to seeing these materials, you can also physically touch the materials to determine their texture.

As you wander through our kitchen showroom, you can also see how different kitchen layouts might work within your own kitchen space. You can see how a kitchen island might work in your kitchen or get some ideas such as integrating your kitchen appliances to maximise on floor space.

There are many different types of kitchen layouts, most of which are based around the positioning of your cooker, refrigerator and sink and in a kitchen showroom, you can get lots of different ideas on how best to position your kitchen. Our kitchen showroom will demonstrate to you exactly how beautiful, functional and versatile kitchens can be.

Another reason why we visit Melbourne kitchen showrooms is to get the opportunity to talk to the salespeople that can answer any questions you may have about your kitchen renovation project. In the Ultimate Kitchens showroom, you can ask any questions you may have on the design and construction of our kitchens. You can also have one of our salespeople organise an in-house consultation with our highly skilled kitchen designers for you, which will kick-start your kitchen project.

At Ultimate Kitchens, we are hugely proud of our kitchen show room that is located at 1035 Burke Road, Hawthorn East (corner Canterbury Road) in Melbourne. Our showroom is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

You can also make an appointment to visit our kitchen showroom outside of these hours if that’s more convenient for you – if we can accommodate you, we will! So to ensure that you get the dream kitchen that you deserve, you should make sure to pay us a visit at our kitchen showroom or you can also give us a call at 03 9882 4103. Read More

Are you bored of the regular layout of your kitchen? Would you like to give it a new look and feel? If yes, then you must get a kitchen facelift services as they modify the entire look of your kitchen without actually changing its basic layout and design. Kitchen facelifts in Melbourne are renowned for making such happening transformations without causing much damages or demolition to the original structure.

Doing a kitchen facelift in Melbourne

Melbourne houses some of the best interior designers and experts in the world. Moreover, it also has a marvelous history of furniture and decor designing. With the advent of modern practices and technology, the interior and renovation services have only improved and this has also helped the Melbourne style to reach a wider audience.

Therefore, doing a kitchen facelift is a convenient option in Melbourne as some of the best interior renovators come from here. They do not just have the technical skills but also have a creative mindset that boosts your spirits as well.

Why doing a kitchen facelift becomes important

Kitchen facelifts do not always have to deal with change in appearance or style. Many-a-times it is done due to accommodate the need for engaging multiple cooks at a time.

Sometimes, the kitchen does not remain functional after the renovation and therefore the kitchen facelift has to be done carefully. A kitchen facelift in Melbourne deals with all these aspects carefully and allows you to complete the design of your dream kitchen to perfection.

How to renovate your kitchen under a budget

Making the kitchens more functional and renovating its appearance are not the only factors which are to be considered before hiring a firm to renovate your kitchen. Cost is also an important factor which needs to be evaluated before making a final decision.

Do not try to manipulate the entire structure as it can cost you big time. Try implementing small changes like changing the cabinetry design, materials, drawer doors, etc. which require less cost but have a significant impact on the overall look and appearance of your kitchen.

Different types of kitchen facelift

There are different methods of kitchen facelift techniques that you can apply to reinvent the look of your kitchen spaces. One simple way is to rearrange the movable items in order to make your kitchen more spacious. This can also involve arrangement and installation of a new bench top according to the layout of your kitchen.

You can also make some intelligent modifications in the cabinets and shelves such as replacing the hardwood doors with glass doors. Also, you can transform the look of your kitchen by changing the finishing material and design of your cabinetry. All these changes are not only effective but are also good for a kitchen facelift on a budget.

Taking a note of the cost

It is always important to check the cost at various stages in order to manage the final cost of the kitchen renovation. One excellent method is to get an estimate beforehand in order to prevent any hassles in the middle or towards the end of the renovation.

Grab this opportunity and manage the entire kitchen makeover within your budget!

At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.

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