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There are many commonly made and easily avoided mistakes when it comes to kitchen renovations. Mistakes made by homeowners, as well as designers and builders. Look around at other kitchens in Albert Park and many of these errors become apparent all too quickly. It is important as a homeowner to do your homework on your designers and builders to see both what they do and how they work, well before you even pick up the phone to call them. This is simple research that can be conducted in minutes on the internet and is an essential part of the first step of your renovation process.

It is also important to see what other kitchen designers in Albert Park are doing as well. Does your choice of builder use the same styles as other builders? Do they work the same? Do they show up when they say they will? It is not only important to carefully consider the credentials of your builder, but also to carefully consider what styles you will want to utilize in your project and if they are appropriate to the rest of your neighbourhood.

Another way to find out about your builder is by talking to some other homeowners they have done work for. There are some important questions to be asked about working style and work safety that only a third party can properly answer for you. Questions of punctuality and reliability are standard. But you will also want to know if your builder takes time to keep the work site tidy every day and if they are taking care to ensure that your house is safe as the work progresses.

One of the more common mistakes made by kitchen builders in Albert Park as well as homeowners in and around Albert Park is using cheaper, sub-standard materials in order to cut the costs of the project. While this technique could cut your initial costs considerably, in the long wrong it is always better to do things right the first time. There is only one right way but there are several paths to get there. Spend more on cabinets and they will outlive you. The same goes for your countertops and appliances. Costs can be saved when it comes to more basic materials such as paint and tiles, but again, you are sacrificing durability for lower cost. Is cheaper better if you have to replace it in 5 years? Only you can answer that question.

Hiring the right designer will ensure your new kitchen has an effective layout that utilizes the space you have for maximum efficiency as well as offering a service guarantee for anything that should go wrong. Your kitchen designer will also at least be able to recommend a range of material choices to help you stay within your project’s budget.

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