Why Your Next Bathroom Should Have A Double Vanity

It’s one of the simplest but most significant decisions you could make. If you’re building a new home or considering renovating your existing space, make the smarter choice and install a double vanity. While initially more expensive, it offers numerous benefits that are more than worth the upfront cost. In this blog, we’ll show you how making this investment will more than pay off in quality of life. Read on and discover how.

Make the room look larger

While any space can benefit from a full-width floor-to-ceiling mirror, it’s especially valuable when building a double vanity. Especially where the home-owner has chosen a pedestal sink, a full-width mirror can make the fixtures look smaller, dominating the space and making it feel a bit cavernous. A double vanity nicely fills the room while still allowing you to benefit from the room enlarging properties of a full-width mirror. It balances the space, lending a luxurious feel that’s always certain to make an impression, making it ideal for master bathrooms and helping to set it apart the others in the house.

No more fighting for the sink

The most practical and immediately recognisable benefit, a double vanity allows two members of your family to take care of their ablutions at the same time. You don’t need to impatiently wait while he shaves or while she cleans off her make-up – you’ll both be able to start and finish your days sooner with a double vanity.

More space for products

Make your space your own. Just as you have your own bedside table set up just the way you like, claim one of the sinks and ensure that the things you need to start your day right are always close at hand. Whether you have an extensive skincare regime, a top-shelf shaving kit or a high-tech toothbrush, you won’t have to struggle any more to find space for it on the countertop. If you’re the house-proud sort who’s put a lot of money into the little touches in your home, you’ll have more real estate to show off your trinkets, accessories and decorations, allowing you to extend your décor to every corner of the home.

If you’re looking to make the right decisions for your space, speak to the team at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms and start designing your dream home with us.


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