Why use a kitchen designer?

In the past, kitchens were hidden-away rooms and simply ‘constructed’ when a home was built – they certainly weren’t designed particularly well or with much thought given to the needs of the user!

Let our experienced kitchen designers create your dream kitchen
Experienced kitchen designers, such as those at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms in Melbourne, will combine your individual kitchen wants and needs with their expertise, to create your dream kitchen that is both functional and beautiful

Fortunately today, kitchens are recognised as perhaps the most important space in the home. They are not only a place to cook but also a focal point for family to gather together for a meal, friends to chat over a glass of wine, or even for children to sit and do their homework. As such, your kitchen deserves a great deal of planning and expert input to ensure that it is created to be not only beautiful but also functional and meets your individual needs.

A kitchen designer can therefore help you to plan this important space in a customized way that will:

  • work for you
  • be easy to use
  • be safe
  • reflect your ideas and tastes; and
  • connect seamlessly with, and complement, the rest of your home.

A kitchen created by a professional designer will also add value to your home, so is a sound investment in your property. Using cheap materials, or DIY kitchen kits, might seem tempting, but at the end of the day it’s a quick fix, it won’t work as well for you, the quality will not last and it’s false economy. Having said all this, everyone has a budget. Good kitchen designers recognise this and can work with you to create the best possible space within your budget.

Kitchen designers have know-how in key areas such as building and trades, design principles, latest styles, health and safety considerations, and all the latest options regarding kitchen products and materials.

They put their experience and knowledge into all aspects of the design including cleverly creating a kitchen that:

  • maximizes use of the available space
  • optimises functionality of the work area (relative positioning of key elements)
  • boasts hard-wearing but gorgeous and easy-to-clean surfaces
  • includes appropriate lighting (and other electrical) types and locations
  • includes proper waterproofing; and
  • incorporates the all-important clever storage solutions!

Furthermore, if you want the whole process, from concept to completion taken care of for you, the kitchen designer can oversee all the trades and project manage the whole renovation, ensuring a stress-free experience for you.

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